Which membership do you prefer?

With Trainimal Woman you decide for yourself the way you want to work towards your goal. If you feel comfortably doing your own planning or already are a seasoned gym goer – select Basic to get adaptive meal plans and progressive training programs. Or, if you need personal advice from your own dedicated coaches, weekly feedback on your achievements and fine tuned programs – Premium is your choice.


Personal coaching

  • Your own personal trainer
  • Your own nutritional expert
  • Weekly feedback
  • Continuous adjustments to progress
  • Smart training diary
  • Exercise videos
  • 1100+ adaptive recipes
  • Smart meal plan and diet diary
  • Food substitute calculator

£99 per month

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Simple and smart

  • Adaptive training program
  • Adaptive meal plan and diet diary
  • Exercise videos
  • 1100+ adaptive recipes
  • Food substitute calculator
  • Coachpool for your questions

£9,99 per month

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Trainimal Woman Premium

Trainimal Woman Premium – the ultimate choice

Do you wish you were stronger, more persistent, had more desire and energy? Do you have a history of failure with your efforts in training and nutrition?

The key to long-term results is creating new, healthy habits. With Premium, you get the best possible coaching to make choices that strengthen your health, based on your own situation. Trainimal’s experts don’t just give you training plans or a meal plan. Anyone can do that. Our mission is to identify weaknesses and overcome them – together we find your keys to a healthy life.

The key factors:

  • Your own personal trainer
  • Exercise program fine tuned for your needs
  • Your own dietary expert
  • Meal plan created for you and nobody else, with family friendly food
  • Exercise at home, at the gym or combined
  • Weekly personal feedback from your coaches
  • Food substitute calculator

Only £99 per month!

Trainimal Woman Basic

A simple yet advanced tool for physical wellbeing

Do you already have all the necessary motivation and discipline to reach your goals? Then the Basic membership is for you! In Basic, you get an adaptive training plan and a meal plan based on who you are and what your goals are. Keep a diary of exercise and diet using the app and watch your goals get closer.

Get your best results the easy way

  • Adaptive exercise program that stimulate progress
  • Exercise in the gym or at home
  • Smart exercise diary
  • Adaptive meal plan, adjusts to your development
  • 1100+ recipes
  • Smart food diary
  • Food substitute calculator

Only £9,99 per month!