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Strength, nutrition and training with new rules of the game

When you exhale after giving birth and note that everything is as it should be, self-doubt often comes to the fore: Who are you now? And whose body is it you’ve landed in? We guide you through exercise and diet to heal the body, regain strength and not least find your motivation. Prioritising yourself in the routines of your new life is important.

As a new mother, you are asked to regularly weigh and measure your baby during the first period of life. That sleeping and eating patterns change from one night to another does not only apply to your baby: When the baby is awake, so is the mother. Thinking about training and prioritizing yourself is not an option.

“The body contracts itself”

A privileged few self-heal in the weeks after childbirth. Far more common is to wake up months later and realize that the gestational sac is still hanging: Breastfeeding didn’t do half of what you expected and the excess is hanging like an apron over the waistband. The separation of the abdominal muscles is noticeable and of course there are wishes for another child, but the back aches… are you ready for another pregnancy (or even to have sex)?

The fourth trimester

No body returns to “normal” immediately after childbirth. It needs help to find peace, the right diet can have a supportive effect on breastfeeding. In fact, a lot still happens in direct relation to pregnancy, but which we suddenly stop talking about. That stress combined with an imbalance in the mother’s hormonal system can cause a slower metabolism is one thing. Low levels of nutrients that can result in exhaustion is another. We like to call the period the fourth trimester as it represents a lot for a new mother herself to handle. Your body needs love!

Going through a birth – not to mention a pregnancy – is a trauma. It is not an anatomical condition anyone should be stuck in. To regain function, strength and stability, it is likely that you will need to give your body love and help along the way. It’s not just about the physical, finding your way back to your body: You need energy during the day to be able to take care of your child. We know you have the ability, but with messy sleep and a lot of new things around you, it’s smart to get help.

Specific exercise and diet for new mothers

To give you the best conditions to strengthen from the ground up, we plan your development over a twelve-week period. Your body will respond quickly when you’re ready to go. That’s why we start every week with new exercises that develop over time, at an appropriate pace. Under the guidance of a personal trainer and a nutritional advisor, your training and diet plan are adapted so that you reach the goals you are striving for.

Trainimal Woman

We are experts in training for women through all phases of life, not least after childbirth: Our coaches have over 10 years of specialist experience in coaching pregnant and new mothers. In 2010 we were founded as a company under the name MammaFitness and we are proud to have coached over 35,000 mothers to reach their goals. Over the years, satisfied customers have faithfully followed us through life and today we coach pregnant women as well as women in menopause. Therefore, the natural step in 2022 was to change the name to Trainimal Woman.

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