MammaFitness – satisfied customers since 2004 

In 2005, “MammaFitness” was founded to coach new mothers in diet and exercise. Today, the company has had over 35,000 satisfied members, many of whom have returned over the years. To respond to the growing demand for strength for women of all ages, the company changed its name in 2022 to Trainimal Woman.

In the early 2000s, there was very little information about women’s training. All the focus was on weight loss, despite the fact that then as now there are so many more reasons to exercise. The mother of three, Olga Rönnberg, saw a need for knowledge about training for new mothers and the idea arose to focus entirely on their specific needs.

MammaFitness – first in Sweden in training for new mothers

Olga became Sweden’s first trainer for new mothers and the coaching continued until she became pregnant again, this time with twins. Time for proof: Could she return to her old form even after the next delivery – after giving birth to five children? Motivation, training and optimized diet gave her energy and in order to maintain the relationship with the customers, training programs were offered via e-mail. It would appear that the inbox was growing rapidly.

“The customers’ friends got in touch. Then friends of friends. I was drowning in emails, pictures and videos,” laughs Olga. 

PT-online, a website for exercise and nutrition

The mother coaching required structure to be able to provide as many people as possible with exercise schedules. The solution was to create a unique site that could handle online training in an efficient, yet personal way. The site was named PT-online.

In order to be able to help all the women who got in touch, coaches were handpicked for MammaFitness. The mission was to offer well-proven strategies adapted to each woman and her individual everyday life. All MammaFitness trainers had at least three years of practical experience and nutrition advisors at least 180 university credits in nutrition. Since the start, each member has been guaranteed to be met by professionals with the right skills.

Over 35,000 satisfied customers

The methodology of creating sustainable habits through strength training, diet and motivation quickly became popular. 20 years later, MammaFitness experts have coached over 35,000 women towards their goals. We are proud of our mothers, and not least are we touched by how much appreciation they show us. It is not unusual for us to welcome the same women back, year after year.

MammaFitness gets a new name

Over the years, MammaFitness members have gone from being exclusively mothers, to consisting of many different women with just as many needs and life situations.

We are proud of the knowledge and expertise about women that we have developed by coaching over 35,000 satisfied members. Therefore, MammaFitness takes the full step and opens up to all women, regardless of claims and dreams and changes our name to Trainimal Woman. The methodology, the concept and our coaches naturally maintain the same high standard that we have always stood for.
Regardless of where you are in life: In the middle of a pregnancy, new mother, exerciser, roaring power woman or in the middle of menopause. We coach you according to your specific needs as an individual and a woman.