Diet and exercise habits for life!

Do you struggle to stick to your routines when life rushes by and stress overwhelms you? If you make a long-term plan, the chance of success will be much greater. The ultimate form of deep-seated motivation is when a habit becomes part of one’s identity.

How do we coach and what can you expect from us?

Step 1 – Basics

You will develop and be challenged!

– Start building diet and training basics
– Find your individual starting level
– Regularity

Step 2 – Behaviors

Plan ahead for how you will handle difficulties and setbacks!

– Identify your risky situations and learn to see your behavioral patterns
– What triggers do you have?
– Dare to change

Step 3 – Challenges

Challenge your fears and dare to take risks

– Get out of your comfort zone
– Find your strengths
– Give yourself new chances

Step 4 – New Identity

Here’s how to gain a belief in yourself that is both visible, felt and lasting!

– Find your long-term values and visions
– Reward yourself
– Boost your confidence