Olga Rönnberg  
– founder of Trainimal Woman and MammaFitness 

Few people have such an unwavering will as Olga Rönnberg. She knows she can make a positive change for her clients and she does everything to deliver. When she lifted her first dumbbell in 2001, she also started the journey towards Olga’s training methodology. Today, she has established the successful brand MammaFitness and the company Trainimal Woman with 20 coaches in personal training and nutritional advice, with over 35,000 satisfied customers since the start.

Anyone who Googles “Olga Rönnberg” will find thousands of articles where she describes her vocation in nutrition and exercise. Olga’s way of explaining things so that it becomes simple means that many people want to hear what she has to say and she is happy to share. As the author of seven best-selling books on nutrition and exercise and an Instagram account with 84K followers, she works actively to pass on her knowledge and expertise.

Personal trainer, best-seller writer and entrepreneur 

Olga had turned thirty and gone through three pregnancies when she became interested in exercise. She became a certified personal trainer and immediately saw a forgotten client group that needed her expertise: Pregnant and new mothers.
Soon after, Olga founded Mamma Bootcamp for outdoor training and MammaFitness, where women were coached in diet and exercise. The interest was massive. Not least when she released her first book “Training for new mothers”, customers flocked in. To catch up, Olga started the digital service PT-online and hired her first employees.

Back to basics 

Olga’s key to success is not to mess things up. Do what is necessary to reach your goals, but be realistic and work based on your circumstances. Think long-term and don’t judge failure – see it as an opportunity to come back on track.
At the beginning of her career, Olga was a coach for severely overweight people in the Swedish edition of the TV show “Biggest loser”, where the participants compete in weight loss. The possibility of being known to the television audience was of course a great advantage, but one thing bothered her, she realized that the rigid discipline of the program went against everything she believed in. After the end of the series, she left with a conviction that the right path for women’s physical change is through self-esteem, realistic goals and long-term work..  

7 bestselling books – one more is coming

Since her debut as an author in 2016, Olga has written a total of seven books on diet and exercise: ”Träning för nyblivna mammor” (Training for new mothers), ”Styrka för kvinnor” (Strength training for women), ”Tränings- & kostdagbok” (Exercise and diet diary), ”Starka former – mage & rumpa” (Strong shape – abs & butt), ”Olgas mat för aktiva kvinnor” (Olga’s food for active women), ”Olgas omstart” (Olga’s restart)och ”Olgas utmaning” (Olga’s challenge). Most of them are translated to all Nordic languages, and Strength training for women is also published in USA.

Book number eight has just been sent to print and will go on sale in the fall of 2022. The new book is a life planner in which Olga takes a greater hold of what is the basis for bringing about a change: Self-awareness, goal-setting and visualization – to let the positive in life come in and expose yourself to the possibility of success.

As usual, Olga places great importance to personal responsibility. She does so out of respect and conviction that each individual has the ability to achieve what they want in their heart. It is up to the individual self to understand what decisions must be made to reach the goal. Olga calls the new book “The blueprint for goal setting”, where she goes through step by step how you go about achieving what you want.

Strength for all women

Elevating women has been important from the start. It is no coincidence that over the years the coach organization has only consisted of women: Nutritional advisors and personal trainers who themselves can identify with their clients’ challenges. Anyone who follows Olga in social media is also used to seeing the members being lifted up and praised in the feed.

Since the start of training for new mothers, customers have gone from being exclusively mothers of small children to being women in all stages of life. In the book “Olga’s restart”, Olga raises questions for women in menopause: What happens in the female body after 40? Which hormones affect training? Of course, readers also get tips on solutions to optimize well-being with exercise, diet and lifestyle in general.

Trainimal Woman 

It has been 20 years since Olga Rönnberg found her love for strength training. Since then, she has built a successful concept that has coached thousands of women towards personal success. In 2022, the customers are far from just mothers, so it is natural for the company to change its name from MammaFitness to Trainimal Woman.
 The methodology and concept are basically the same as they have always been, but experiences from 20 years have been integrated into the business, and the vision is bigger. It’s time to show the world what the business has long stood for: Trainimal Woman – strength for women throughout life.

Olga is still an entrepreneurial soul, so stay tuned to see what’s coming!