We’re trying to adapt our exercise and our diet to our lives, aren’t we? According to how we live, our social activities, our children’s timetable, our working hours, etc. Of course it can be tricky sometimes, and sometimes you will need to say “no” to certain things.

We want to avoid the word “diet” because it sounds short-lived; most diets don’t end well and most likely you’ll gain as much weight as you’ve lost plus a little extra.

How do you know when diet and exercise is a lifestyle?

Answer the question: Can I see myself eating like this forever? Even if I travel? When eating out? If you are constantly focusing on quick fixes, you need to think about your attitude. Lasting results need time and patience.

What does your exercise regime look like? Do you feel completely exhausted after every session? Do you exercise every day of the week? Allow yourself rest days? Do you count the minutes until the session is over? Some of our customers get the recommendation to have a day of rest at least once a week. Don’t even take a walk, just sit and be. Breathe.

Are you following somebody else’s diet? A friend of mine followed a vegetarian diet for many years because her husband was a vegetarian. For the family peace she went with it and ate like him, and suffered! She exercised hard and you guessed it – didn’t eat enough protein and was hungry all the time. Or another example, not feeling satisfied from LCHF or other diets is not unusual, so why torment ourselves? Let’s face it; we are all different! We have different lifestyles, exercise differently and have different nutritional needs.

When it comes to your exercise – do you think in the terms “faster”, “harder”, “stronger”, “more cardio”, “less calories”, “more exercise sessions”? Once upon a time, this reasoning might have worked, but the body catches up, you get older. What you should think is; “how do I exercise less, but more efficiently”. Same result but smarter. Focus on diet, make good food choices – that’s the basis. Lift weights 3-4 times a week, always investing in a few basic exercises in each session. Avoid long cardio sessions, they can be shorter and more intense. Less is more!

Remember! It’s a lifestyle, something we should be able to stick to for life.